America has been in need of racial justice since day one. The protests of today are new steps in the much older struggle for equality. The wave of young new protestors and activists are direct continuations of the battle for equality waged by their parents and grandparents. This intergenenerationality is something to be celebrated and learned from.

That’s why CONVICTS partnered with Chaplain Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin, Hercules E. Reid, Brianna Suggs, and Hazel N. Dukes to produce VOTE FOR CHANGE. The film highlights the similarities and differences between the different eras of protest. It reflects the changing landscape of racial justice and highlights a path forward. It aims to provide a thru line from the past, through the present and into the future. It offers living proof that change, though sometimes frustratingly slow, is possible. It proves that hope is tenable.

To effect change, however, action is needed. Voting is a direct way to affect the changes we want to see in society. So please, go to the polls and vote for the candidates who will make the reforms and improvements that you want to see.

Just vote,