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Times Square

Times Square, Edition


Love it or hate it, Times Square is a place like no other. The place is perpetually lush with sights and sounds and alive with some of New York’s zaniest characters. Sure, it’s overstimulating, but so is NYC.

It only makes sense that Times Square is the city’s bellwether and beating heart. So what better place for the ever-chic Edition Hotel Group--run by the quintessential New Yorker’s New Yorker, Ian Schrager--to set up a new shop. Set amid the neon glow of Manhattans lights, the hotel is an artful oasis from--and reflection of--its wild surroundings. Convicts partnered with Edition to produce this film that captures the saturation, rhythm and strange flow of Times Square to celebrate the opening of EDITION’s newest hotel.

Credit List:

Pete Maiden
Sarah Hawkins
Johnny Sierra

Times Square, Edition