Surf Lodge Summer of Love 00:00

Natural disaster, tragedy, political fiasco, horrific shootings and violence in the streets: it’s easy to see these times through the darkest possible lens. But now, as always, a negative view is an easy mistake: for all the evil acts in the news, there are endless un-noted acts of kindness, charity, and fun. For all the bad vibes spread across the world, pockets of good remain. That’s what CONVICTS and The Surf Lodge sought to celebrate this summer: the love, music, and friendliness that make our lives worth living.

Summer at The Surf Lodge was chock full of romance and festive peace. Bask in our summer recap and remind yourself that even in these hard times, good things remain just around the corner.

Here’s a final cheers to summertime love in 2017. CONVICTS can’t wait to spend more time with you beautiful people.