New Chamber Ballet 00:00

New Chamber Ballet expands the boundaries of classical dance.

Headed by Miro Magloire, New Chamber Ballet not only integrates modern and classical elements of dance, but changes the audience’s physical relationship to the performance: instead of viewing the dance routine facing the stage, audiences sit on all four sides of the performance.  Not only does this make dancers’ physicality more proximate and tangible, but the set-up opens a space for the audience to re-examine the possibilities of classical dance. Which is exactly what they are aiming for.

The New Chamber Ballet is an all female troupe composed of independent soloists aiming to reorganize dated perceptions about ballet, femininity and strength.  Their performances are a two way, organic process between dancer and choreographer. Though dance is certainly one of humanity’s deepest and most primal modes of self-expression, Miro and the New Chamber Ballet are revealing new possibilities in an ancient form.