Lupe Fiasco Goes Round Two at The Surf Lodge 00:00

Lupe Fiasco, the big league rapper and low-key moralist tore it up at The Surf Lodge. In-between playing his throwback classics like “Kick, Push” and “Superstar,” Lupe pulled a local twelve year old kid named Dylan up onstage and told the crowd the kid was going to be President and make the world a better place.

A heartwarming spectacle, made more so by the fact that he befriended Dylan at his debut last summer at The Surf Lodge, and they’ve kept in touch since. Lupe referenced his trademark straight-and-narrow sensibilities and religious faith after the set, explaining that he adjusted his schedule during the holy month on Ramadan ever so slightly as to sneak in The Surf Lodge show. As a matter of fact, Lupe had to adjust the shows timing so as not to break his religious commitment. Respect to that, especially because Lupe brought one rocking summer party to life for us.