Electric Wave: Coco Ho 00:00
“This film is so cool, it’s all about light to dark, dark to light and its been so fun to kind of get to test your ability. I finished a wave in the dark and it was really cool I was like wow I can surf and it was pitch black.”

You could say the Hawaiian wunderkind, Coco Ho, was born to surf. As the youngest in a line of surfing legends, Coco Ho could have taken a comfortable route into the surf world, coast on her family’s cachet. For Coco–daughter of surf legend Michael Ho, niece of Derek Ho and brother of Mason Ho—-the easy way was…never an option. From her first day in the surf at age seven, Coco has carved her own story into the waves. Only a decade later, Coco qualified for the Association of Surfing Professionals’ Women’s World Tour at age seventeen and placed fourth her first year. Despite her competitive prowess, Coco brings loftier goals to the sport.  Repeatedly voted a fan favorite in Surfer Magazine polls, Coco uses her platform to broadcast empowering messages to young women the world over.

The beyond-her-years generosity of Coco’s spirit shone through on the set of Electric Wave. “It was definitely nice to surf The Ranch,” she said, “with a slower mindset. It was more about sharing it with a friend and Leah, who had never been here before so it was exciting to give her tips. Hearing yourself even talk about (The Ranch) reminded you of the simple things. It was nice to read the wave differently, to not be practicing for a world tour event just enjoying this magic creation.” Coco wasn’t alone in that sensation. The vibe that night at The Surf Ranch felt charged with a palpable sense of newness, of a collective freshness of perspective. 

“The body does look so naturally cool surfing, compared to many things. Nobody’s ever focused on just the body on a wave because you’re too busy trying to rip.”

Though Coco is another veteran of The Surf Ranch, shooting Electric Wave gave her a fresh pair of eyes on the experience. Watch Electric Wave now. To learn more, visit audi.com/electricwave