Corbin Harris Runs With The Locals of NYC 00:00

Corbin Harris is a gentleman-skater. For years, the Aussie pro sent it with the best of them. These days, however, Corbin’s one of the action sports worlds’ biggest media personalities. More importantly, he’s a regular at The Flower Shop, where the CONVICTS gang goes to hydrate anywhere from one to eight days per week.  

Corbin is an old friend of ours, so we were especially stoked to partner with Corbin and The Local, General Pants’ new Manhattan store, to produce this short film about growing up and hanging out in New York City. Corbin hangs out with bike crew, Self Made Ryderz and the boys from MERK, an internationally-born, NYC-bred music collective. Along the way, he catches their local wisdom on the high energy melting-pot culture of New York City.