Cool As Fuck with Chris Kim & O-Terno 00:00

Chris Kim may be the most interesting man in Queens. Whether dude’s hanging out with Tupac’s old tour manager in East New York, or eating awkward New Year’s dinners with Putin-backed Russian lawyers, Chris is an expert at sniffing out adventure. The only thing he’s better at than getting into weird situations, is telling the stories afterwards. With that in mind, CONVICTS presents the first episode of Cool as Fuck, a new series hosted by Chris.

In this episode, Chris interviewed O Terno, a psychedelic rock band out of Brazil. Composed of Guilherme D’Almeida, Tim Bernardes, and Gabriel Basile, O Terno calls to mind Tame Impala with a South American twist. Chris met up with O Terno on their visit to New York. When Chris caught up with them in Greenpoint, story swaps, vape hits, a little bit of bullshitting and some good old fashioned cultural learning ensued. Check it here.