Denim is the most democratic fabric in the world.  Moms, scenesters, cowboys, artists–it doesn’t matter who you are: denim is a part of you.  For Scott Morrison, denim isn’t just the way he interacts with the world: it is his world.  After founding Paper Denim Cloth, Earnest Sewn and 3×1, Scott found himself at a crossroads: how do blue jeans’ artisanal past and sustainable future connect in the madness of the present?  To find answers, Scott flew around the globe to Italy–one of the world’s great bastions of craftspeople–and embarked on a wine, pasta and rock and roll fueled journey.  Along the way he met with Renzo Rossi, the “Jeans Genius” and the legendary founder of Diesel. Stefano Rossi is Renzo’s son and the man carrying Diesel’s torch into the twenty-first century. Alberto Candiani is a jean-clad sustainaility pioneer. Across the dreamt-seeming landscape of Northern Italy, this elite foursome sought out the future of denim.

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