Cindy Trinh: Activism with a Lens 00:00

Cindy Trinh is New York’s lawyer-turned-photographer using her camera to advocate for activists, immigrants, and underdogs.

Born and raised in California as a first generation American, Trinh found herself drawn to represent Chinatown’s working class communities.

“I always feel like it’s a constant battle between my dual identities.” says Trinh. “I’m Vietnamese by necessity, but I’m American by nationality. I’m not quite Vietnamese because I wasn’t born in Vietnam, but I’m always feeling like in America I’m treated as foreign, other.”

Identifying with the experiences of immigrants, armed with her camera and legal training, Trinh has blended her skills and experiences into her work. As a result, her photojournalism manifests a powerful ability to use art as a voice for the voiceless, to celebrate activism and create spaces for New York’s invisible minorities.