Break in Midtown Manhattan, NYC 00:00

Images by Collin Giberson

New York is a human hive. In every interview ever done about the city, the interviewee will inevitably talk about the city’s “energy.” We agree that “energy” is a suspiciously fuzzy sounding phrase but in this case, let us refer you to the wisdom of Pusha T: “if you know, you know.” Of course, there’s nowhere and nothing like this city, but things are flat-out harder in the five boroughs.

Doing your laundry is an ordeal. Getting to work can feel like a fistfight. You walk out the door and someone might be dead on your stoop. You fuck something up at work and there are ten hungry youngsters ready to snag your job. You spend all of the money. You hustle, grind, do, make, love, hate, eat, drink, stay sane and go crazy with ten million of your neighbors, every single day. New York is no chill metropolis.

That being said, everyone’s got to chill once in a while. Everyone has to take a break from the day-in-and-out madness of the city. There are as many different breaks as there are citizens of this beast. And if this beast could be said to have a belly, it would be Midtown.

That’s why Convicts ventured up into the skyscraper-bound canyon lands above 14th street to figure out how New Yorkers spend the rare break time minutes to themselves. How they unplug from the city’s manic energy every day.

We spoke with students, professionals, tourists, assholes and sweethearts to see how they unwind during the precious hour known as “lunch break.”  

Screw restaurant reviews: this is how New York does lunch.