Alex the Astronaut 00:00

Alex the Astronaut may be the youngest competitor for the title ‘Most Interesting Woman in the World.’ The Aussie folk singer’s gotten looks from Elton John, championed Australia’s same-sex marriage rights in her hit single ‘Not Worth Hiding,’ and studied astrophysics at New York’s Long Island University. The real kicker: she’s only 22. We actually don’t know what we were doing at her age, but hit singles, high-level science, and athletics other than beer league were way off our activity rosters.

The only thing more impressive than her resume, is her music. Her folk crossover lays the groundwork for Alex’s deeply intelligent lyricism. In short, Alex the Astronaut is one A+ human.

CONVICTS got lucky enough to chat with her recently in Sydney. We got her word on Australia’s recent same-sex marriage debate, soccer, and being the only female physics major in her class.