G. Love & Special Sauce 00:00

“I kinda have this mantra before I go on stage. Maybe it’s more of an affirmation I read to myself. I wrote that that’s what I bring, I’m here to bring love and inspiration and happiness to the people because that’s what I feel when I play music. I feel love and inspiration and it makes me really happy to my bones, so that’s what I hope to bring every night to the people that are here wherever I am, to bring that love and get on stage and inspire people. Or just make people feel good. Put a smile on their face. That’s it.”

-Garrett Dutton, frontman of G. Love and Special Sauce


G. Love and Special Sauce is a wide-open, soulful funk band from the City of Brotherly Love. With a decade of shows down east now under their belt, G. Love is now Surf Lodge’s longest running summer act. They made the trip up from Philly once again, then brought the groove to Surf Lodge. What better band for a Summer of Love?