Words by Michael McAtomney

The North Face – arguably the world’s most prominent outdoors and adventure brand – last week released a short film celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Nuptse. Named after the neighboring mountain to Everest, the Nuptse has been a staple in The North Face’s selection of jackets for 25 years and has gained a reputation that transcends almost The North Face brand itself. The Nuptse – originally created for alpinists and outdoorsmen – garnered a loyal following amongst the global hip-hop community as the influence of TNF on the urban subculture spread throughout the 90s. The clip features testimonials to the Nuptse from the Germanprofessional climber David Göttler, self-pronounced Gore-tex Hoarder, Joey Ones, and NYC based rapper Despot among many others.

The North Face has become a wardrobe staple amongst city-dwellers and outdoorsmen alike throughout the last decade, with much of the recent Urban Explorer subculture choosing TNF as their uniform of choice due to it’s style and versatility. The continual growth of TNF as a brand amongst urban youth has been due in large part to the on-going collaborations between The North Face and streetwear icon Supreme – with many of these hot-ticket items being sold out within hours come launch day. In celebration of the anniversary of the Nuptse, TNF has announced a re-release of 1992 Nuptse in the original colorways. I’m sure these soon-to-be collectors items will be moving off the shelves with just as much haste.