Robin Hoodd: Keeping The Culture Alive in Los Sures, Brooklyn

Robin Hoodd knew Williamsburg when it was a far cry from the hipster wonderland it has become. The Brooklyn-born artist fuses Dominican and New York culture to create good-vibing paintings and music that celebrates a way of life that’s getting pushed to the side.

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A Baltimore Club Dance Cypher

This wild-legged dance style is endemic to Baltimore and works in tandem with Baltimore Club music, itself a synthesis of hip-hop and house music.

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Tenacity And Struggle To The Art World: Artist David “Star City” White

Former dealer turned fine artist David “Star City” White embodies the changing character of New York City. After a youth spent hustling, Star City broke into the art world with his show “My Red is Not Your Red”. Star City’s artworks are forward looking expressions of the positive wisdom he’s accrued over a lifetime of challenge.

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Lucy Torredelfino

Lucy Torredelfino has lived on Mulberry Street for 93 years. A Little Italy native in the truest sense, we spoke to Lucy about growing up in the age of John Gotti and 20 dollar rent.

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