We Are Convicts 00:00

Born of Australia.

Once disowned as “the Convict stain”, today our past is a badge we wear with pride.

The convict spirit has stood the test of time, our mettle proven on battlefields, sports fields and in professional fields the world over.

Guilty of crimes like stealing a loaf of bread or a silk handkerchief, we were banished to a southern hell: a hell that turned out to be paradise.

Sure, we had to survive the floggings, hard labor and more venomous creatures than the rest of the world combined, but once we overcame these minor inconveniences things started looking up.

Convicts Redefine.

A spirit of freedom and mischief never far from the surface.

Maybe that’s why today we’re unafraid to set sail for distant lands seeking out a future, and why a certain fleet of us have landed on another island: Manhattan.

This is a city that embraces those who take risks, work hard, have a laugh, create and rebel.

Today, walking the streets of NYC, you’ll find many with Convict DNA.

People like war journalist and filmmaker Michael Ware who, alongside a courageous US soldier, charged into a darkened Al Qaeda house filled with suicidal insurgents because “Sometimes you just gotta say ‘fuck it’”.

In some circles, such language might offend.

Fuck it.

Take Ksubi designer Apples whose approach is to “always see what I can get away with,” or comedian Scott Dooley who gets paid to laugh at people (usually himself), or nightclub empresario Ronnie Flynn whose fun-loving spirit is creating the most buzzed about clubs in the city.

(Word of advice: if you’re ever invited for a “drink or two” with a convict know what you’re getting yourself in for. Best to clear the schedule the following day.)

Convicts don’t tend to do things in half-measure.

Whether tattooed skydiving fashion model Cat McNeil, or Corbin Harris skating pothole-filled streets, convicts take risks. Daily.

Our whole aesthetic is informed by our Aussie upbringing.

Whether the natural, confident, be-yourself beauty so perfectly embodied by fashion influencer Nadia Fairfax, the stunning visual art of Nick Thomm, or the unique sounds of Ernest Ellis and the bands exploding across the US right now, we convicts have rebellion in our veins. And there’s nothing we love more than mixing it with a bit of NYC to see what the hell happens!

Then, when it all gets a little too intense, we escape.

Convicts seek the freedom of life on the run, which is essentially what director Daniel Askill is doing when he bolts to nature and a very special house to rekindle the creative spirit.

Yeah, a lot has changed.

We no longer travel in the cramped bowels of hell-ships (unless there are no seats left in first and we’re stuck in a center in economy).

But the spirit remains the same.

We are Convicts.

We are everywhere.

And we welcome you in.