NY TOUGH 00:00

We can feel New York’s soul through our apartment walls: it’s the sound of our downstairs neighbor singing, of our upstairs neighbor dragging chairs across the floor. It’s the smell of our neighbor’s cooking wafting under the door, the sight of the policemen on the streets. It’s all of us–at one in our isolation, closer for our apartness–getting through this, together.

New York may be the home of tough love, but we need your help. If you can please reach out to the New York Governor’s office @nygovcuomo at COVID19supplies@esd.ny.gov to donate masks and medical supplies to our frontline health workers.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution to this film. It is a privilege to film this city we all love.


Music from “12 Years A Slave”, “Solomon” written by Hans Zimmer.  Used courtesy of Remote Control Music/Downtown Music Publishing and Hans Zimmer

Words by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo & his team


Alison Stroming



Amberly Kamroft & Florent Piovesan

Of Two Lands




Andrew Clancy



“A Year in New York”


Brandan Fallis



Clair Popkin



Corbin Harris



Dan Jesperson



Florencia Galarza



Gaby Caplan



Georgia Fowler



Harry Martin


Henry DaCosta



Ian Strange



James Orlowski



Julia Jansch



Leon Jamrosy




Lukas Willasch



Malery Bilingy


Manuel Kellner


Matthew Kraus




Micro Vovk


Montana Cox



Pallavi Sharda



Patricia Pavez


Prospect Park Boys


Scott Cornell




Star City



Stéphane Legrand



Tim Sessler

@t_sessler @brooklynaerials




Vadim Key


Vincent Alvarado


Will Spartalis