Into the In-Between with Johnny Mackay 00:00

Words by Cameron Higgins

Johnny Mackay has broken some kind of record for breaks. His old band, Children Collide, caught a huge break in the aughts. Eventually, Children Collide broke up, Johnny Mackay got broken up with and he found himself on the other side of the world from his Australian home, having a breakdown.  

In short, Johnny’s been there and back many times. The dude knows the process of fracturing and rebuilding like the inside of his eyelids. These days, Johnny’s based in New York City, creating experimental art projects and choice tunes with the help of his alter-ego, Lord Fascinator.

CONVICTS caught up with Johnny in a room at New York’s Carlton Arms Hotel that he’d been invited to creatively retrofit. Naturally, he turned the room into a three-dimensional representation of his subconscious. Come take a deep dive into the in-between spaces, the breaks both good and bad, with the inimitable Johnny Mackay.