Words by Michael McAtomney

Sarah Andelman, one half of the brains behind fashion’s most pioneering concept store, Paris based Colette, has today announced her next move after the store’s closure on December 20, 2017. Andelman, current Creative Director and daughter of Founder, Colette Roussaux, used the Business of Fashion’s Voices Event to announce her move into the world of fashion consultancy.

Andelman’s new consultancy will go by the name of ‘Just an Idea’, and with good reason, as Andelman and Roussaux have been championing new ideas in design and collaboration at the forefront of the fashion industry for 20 years. “Everyday, I receive some great ideas and I think, ‘Wow, it’s crazy no one has thought of this before,’” stated Andelman at the Oxfordshire based Voices event. Some more good news for any avid fans of the Paris retailer came in the form of news that Story, a New York-based multi-brand concept store, will be the only remaining stockist of Colette products after December 20th this year.

To close out its tenure at Rue St Honoré, alongside a host of creative and design collaborations throughout 2017, Colette recently unveiled a partnership between Pharrell and Chanel, which sold out almost instantaneously — both highlighting and benchmarking the concept store’s status as a key influencer in the oft-trying fashion retail space of 2017. With this unveiling capping off what can only be described as a fantastic career in the fashion retail industry, it’s safe to say that I for one, cannot wait to see what Andelman champions throughout her next chapter of ideas in the fashion industry.