Words by Marelle White

Actually groundbreaking news: multiple legit government sources confirmed the existence of UFO’s. Seriously. If Trump weren’t busy marching everyone’s news feeds to the apocalypse, we might’ve noticed the launch of a new entity called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS Academy). The academy aims to fuse science, aerospace, and entertainment in pursuit of scientific advancements through global collaboration and community interest, resulting in enlightenment about all things UAP and UFO. So yeah, Stranger Things may not be as strange as we thought.

TTS Academy is composed of a team of insiders with strong ties to government agencies who have investigated UAPs and UFOs, and plan on releasing unclassified information from multiple sources about the existence of unidentified flying objects and the possibility of alien life in general.  

High ranking member of the new Academy, Luis Elizondo, is a former program manager at the Department of Defense, an ex-US Army soldier and past National Counter-intelligence Executive. In October, during a conversation with the Huffington Post about the TTS Academy, Elizondo said “We are planning to provide never before released footage from real U.S. government systems… not blurry amateur photos, but real data and real videos… we are inviting our government and colleagues and friends in Defense to participate regularly with their own findings.”  

Though no longer a member of the Department of Defense, Elizondo declared that not only does a UFO Program exist, but that “UFOs are real; they exist, and they have been officially documented.”

The fact that experienced government officials are endorsing positive information about the existence of UFOs is an absurdly major move for science, and one that could have massive cultural ramifications. However, have no fear about the TTS Academy’s intention: they seek to use this newly exposed information in order to develop “unimaginable” technology that will change the world for the good of humanity. Elizondo states boldly, “no one person, one government, or one hidden institution should own this information and technology.”  

This isn’t fake news, which means… aliens are real?