Recall a few weeks ago when we were like: “maybe in a few weeks we’ll feel foolish for slinging such a cavalier email about the COVID?”
If you were wondering, our feet don’t taste great. They’re squarely in our mouths right now. Like a horde of invisible barbarians crashing the gates of our decadent late-capitalist empire, the COVID is laying absolute waste to all things ‘normal.’

Going to the office? Burned.
Going to the bar? Razed. 
IRL experiences? Pillaged. 
Shaking hands? Utterly scorched.

Strange fires are burning on our collective psychic horizon.  That noise in the distance sounds a whole lot like the four horsemen’s beating hooves. A spooked energy hangs thick in the air.

And yet.

We know-on a level beneath our panicky evolutionary instincts, far beneath the overstimulated stress-factory known as the 21st-century human brain, on a level more akin to that thing so roughly called ‘spirit’–that this too shall pass.

We’re still here. We’re still alive. We’re going to make it through this.

Look, we rarely grow from the easy times. You don’t set up in the sand with a beach chair and jug of tequila-soda expecting to fortify your soul, to cultivate inner strength and bring the third-eye into focus. That comes from challenge, not ease.

Everyone knows you have to lift weights to build muscle.
So, for the sake of having nothing better to do, let’s think of our soul (or spirit, or cosmic spaghetti, or whatever you want to call the golden thread running through our vast and mysterious human selves) as a muscle and time as the gym.

Well, we’re currently locked in the gym, alone, with nowhere else to go. If we take advantage of this solitary weirdness, we will all come out of it unrecognizably stronger. Seriously.

Here’s some recommendations to send you down the path.

  • Download Nicho Plowman’s app Insight Timer to across your meditation practice.
  • Juice the endorphins with push-ups and sit-ups. No weights or mats or anything required.
  • Read the Tao Te Ching…just read it. You won’t regret it.
  • Check out this recently filmed talk on maximizing your potential during the pandemic.
  • Listen to this Tim Ferris podcast with Jack Kornfield on how to beat back anxiety during this pandemic. Things get heady and spiritual, which, if you can’t tell…is kind of our jam.
  • Watch Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain. If you still have any of those edibles left, you should probably eat those before viewing.

As the philosopher Alan Watts says of ancient shamans in hunter-gatherer cultures, “the shaman is a person who goes off into the woods by themself for a very long time and discovers who they really are. They return to their community to share the knowledge and powers they gain.”

We are certainly in the woods now.
So let’s find out who we are, shall we?