Another voice of relative reason fled the White House today. Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador to the UN, surprised the nation by quitting her job today. Washington is buzzing with theories as to why she quit, but we here at Convicts have a pretty good idea: her boss is terrible, her job is impossible, and the company she works for (the USA) isn’t behaving well. At all.

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, giant mosquitoes are now infesting parts of North Carolina. Though they’re not prone to carrying the Zika or the plague, they’re still the size of small helicopters and their bites hurt. Weird times when this kind of news is relatively middle-of-the-road in terms of happy/unhappy.

Another brutal hurricane is off the coast of the American South, threatening to annihilate. Hurricane Michael was just upgraded to a category three storm, with winds in excess of 120mph, making this the strongest hurricane to hit Florida in thirteen years. Fortunately, most (not all) of the areas still recovering from Hurricane Florence are out of Michael’s most destructive path. The globe warms, the seas get hot, more and stronger hurricanes come to wreck the lives and economy. This is simple science we’re seeing. Everyone be safe in Florida and get out while you can.