Well. Hate to break this news but it wasn’t exactly a killer weekend politically. Let’s run through this Monday’s signs of the apocalypse/headlines:

Scary Human Question Mark and Earl of Georgetown Prep, Brett Kavanaugh, is officially a member of the Supreme Court which…nevermind. 

We only have twelve years left to reverse the catastrophic impact of global warming or the shit-fan-collision is going to spray chaos all over the collective face of humanity. 


It’s still a long time ’til Thanksgiving. 

Which means its even longer ’til the Holidays proper.

That’s not ideal

In better news:

In a strange turn of events, Taylor Swift went off-brand and dipped her toes in politics by endorsing the Democratic candidate in Tennessee! Better late than never, we guess? Or maybe not? 

We’re all alive and well-fed enough to read content, so we’ve got that going for us. Go do some good then go home and get in bed ’cause it’s a gray Monday in weather and spirit.