Words By Alexyss Robinson

If you aren’t read up on QAnon by now, we suggest you waste about ten minutes of your time on this comprehensive guide to the latest far-right conspiracy to spill out of 4chan forums and into the real world. To summarize, an anonymous user named Q sprinkles “breadcrumbs” that, among other huge claims, point to President Trump’s crusade against Hollywood pedophile rings. Isaac Kappy of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules recently corroborated this theory when he accused actor Seth Green of pedophilia.


Big claims for a D-list reality star. Maybe Kappy’s making the case for his own spin-off? Aside from allegedly stalking Seth Green and his wife, the troubled celeb-adjacent is also accused of choking Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson. There’s a lot going on and the far-right seems to be eating it all up, with Kappy appearing as a “Hollywood whistleblower” on Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Regardless of whether he’s just playing into a leftist prank, Isaac Kappy is starting the kind of trouble we here at CONVICTS do not condone. Kappy’s seemingly ludicrous claims regarding Green and Tom Hanks are a slap in the face to the #MeToo movement and a waste of what little platform his has. The QAnon “hero” is justifying disbelief in mainstream media, which, while we believe it important to question authority, is actually helping far-right conspiracies gain traction off-line.