How you gonna be sixty degrees and sunny in February then come at us with cold rain and snow in March, weather gods? 

Fear not the mid-week blues, people of CONVICTS, because we have the perfect antidote for the mini-jetlag caused by last weekend’s daylight savings switch and springtime’s teasing ways. 

The rising legend Sarah Bahbah is having her first solo exhibition in New York titled “F*ck Me, F*ck You” at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery at 98 Orchard Street. Known for exploring the interior voices of young women through her visual art, Bahbah has a boss Instagram following and is getting plenty of mainstream love from the art world. CONVICTS was lucky enough to sit down with Bahbah and learn about her process of translating emotions into works of art.  

Also, much of her art features pizza, which is the best food. So be there.