Words by Elizabeth Cuomo

This past Sunday at 6pm, one by one, men from every borough flocked to Union Square. Although they couldn’t have anticipated it, they had all arrived with the same purpose: to meet the same woman.

They had met her, of course, through Tinder. Natasha Aponte, a New York-based aspiring actress, invited hundreds of her matches to the same place at the same time. The DJ set at which she had offered to meet them was fake. The whole day was. After the first DJ, enough suckers had shown up for their “date”, and the woman every man in the audience was looking for ascended the stage and revealed the truth: They had been catfished.

What happened next can only be described as IRL Tinder, and it was kind of cold. Have you got a beer belly? Swipe left and leave the park. Support Trump? Goodbye. Although most of the guys left out of embarrassment when they realized they had been lied to, those remaining who hadn’t been swiped away then competed in the most cheesy of ways, exercising their male dominance by way of push up contests and races across the park, all for Natasha’s love. The last man standing was awarded a date.

Fucked up, right? That was kind of the point.

Natasha’s social experiment was all a part of an elaborate marketing campaign orchestrated by Rob Bliss, who’s behind the viral video, “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman”. Bliss spoke to Gothamist and let them in on news that a video documenting the scene should be coming to us by Thursday. Until then, take a look at one of the duped men’s twitter thread, where he describes the whole thing as,“Top 10 greatest finesses of all time”.