Words by Cameron Higgins

Ian Strange, the memorably-named, cutting-edge conceptual artist and OG CONVICT got his very own TED Talk earlier this summer, or winter I should say, as it was in Sydney, Australia. In our increasingly decentralized times, when facts and statistics are barely common currency, Ted Talks remain bastions of intellectual stimulation. The carefully curated speakers expound upon their fields of expertise in brief lectures and directly enhance their audience’s knowledge. Hosting a TED Talk is quite the stamp of intellectual approval.

That’s why we’re so stoked that Ian got his own Talk: not only is Ian an amazing creator, he’s got the intellectual chops to back up his high-concept work.


And Strange’s recent work SUBURBAN is high concept indeed. In this exhibition, he carefully distorted empty homes (through painting, cutting, or completely burning down these homes) that had been subjected to foreclosure or natural disaster. In this body of work, Strange interrogates the idea of “the universal home” and probes our subconscious relationship to the concept.

Check out Strange’s new TED Talk here.