Words by Elizabeth Cuomo

Gigi Hadid is America’s sweetheart-supermodel. She’s graced the cover of countless publications and she’s walked down the top runway shows all over the world, all by the age of 23. On her most recent cover for Love Magazine, Gigi is proving that there’s still a side of her that we haven’t seen yet – the sadistic one!

On this month’s cover of Love Magazine, GiGi poses in a dark, moody room. Gigi’s cherubic face is disguised behind a terrifying rabbit mask, whilst she crouches like a gargoyle over an adorable little white doggy who is visibly terrified – how chic! It’s unclear the direction that this shoot is going for – Is Gigi summoning Lucifer or impersonating Donnie Darko’s Frank?

Loving this new look of yours Gig! Love you breaking down these barriers. Who says that models can’t harm animals — or at least pretend to!