The Trump administration’s slow response to the crisis in Puerto Rico turns out to be even more nefarious than the suspected causal combination of gross incompetence and fear of pissing off corporate shipping interests. In fact, Trump is letting the island of Puerto Rico die in order to turn it into a giant refugee camp in lieu of his moronic wall proposal. Under this proposal, all immigrants, both legal and non, along with all other Americans who aren’t khaki-wearing blonde boners, would be sent to Puerto Rico to suffer. Just because. “It’s just like Guantanamo Bay, but it’s bigger and eviler and there’s even less of a reason for it. But we’ve got this,” Trump said in a public statement. He followed this assertion by tucking into a plate of incoherent word salad that, rather predictably began ‘I’m great,  lock her up, fear Muslims, fear the NFL hoax, witch hunt, yuuuge”

In private, Trump confessed that turning an entire devastated island into a holding cell for the dispossessed and impoverished is a critical step towards the ethno-dictatorship of his dreams. Plus, it’s cheaper and more fucked up than building the wall. A win-win for this administration.