Words by Sydney MacDonald

If you live in NYC and you’re on the verge of having a psychotic break from what feels like your daily entrapment in the concrete jungle, it might be time to take a hiatus to the great outdoors. Whether you’re ready to get lost in the woods for a week or simply want to smell a Pine tree from the car, CONVICTS brings you the best spots to escape the hustle and bustle, and become one with your inner-self again.

1.Blue Mountain Reservation

This hiking spot will surely leave you at ease. With only an hour and a half trek out of the city you’ll get the chance to enjoy some of the best views Westchester has to offer. Don’t forget to grab a beer from the Peekskill Brewery once you’re headed back from the trail.

2. Rockaway Beach

Nothing feels more like summer than a trip to this classic beach spot. Even if it’s not quite warm enough to swim you’ll still have a great time lounging on the long stretches of sand and enjoying the clean ocean breeze. Pack a lunch and enjoy a nice day trip away from the city.    

3. Bull Hill

The views you’ll get from this spot of the Hudson Valley might make you reconsider all the money you’re shoveling out to live in a city that could sometimes be described as human garbage can. We recommend booking a room in Cold Spring’s for the night so you can wake up early to conquer the 5.8 mile hike ahead of you.

4. Coney Island

Whether you grew up walking the boardwalk or just want some good spirited fun, this is a great getaway. With the F train running directly to this iconic beach and amusement park it’s an easy commitment for those of us looking to escape the city for the day.  

5. Loop Road to the Ice Caves

This hidden gem in the Shawangunk Mountains is one of our all time favorites. If you’re a true outdoorsman stuck living in the big city, then this 2.5 mile hike will be no sweat off your back. Once you arrive to this less trafficked region you’ll be able to explore everything from a waterfall, to caves and endless views of open space.  

6. Dumbo Boulders

If you’re looking to spend time outside but can’t bare the idea of leaving the city for a full day, this is a great activity for you. At the Dumbo Boulders you’ll get to enjoy outdoor rock climbing in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, while surrounded by the beautiful views of the city you’re apparently not sick of yet.