Words by Elizabeth Cuomo

November’s upcoming midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and although Elizabeth Warren insists she’s only focused on securing her seat in the Senate, whisperings of a Warren 2020 campaign have been circulating through the media. The newest legislation that Warren released on Tuesday, called the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act, only furthers the notion that Elizabeth Warren is ready to bring radical change to Washington. The good kind.

Warren’s anti-corruption bill, which she described in her speech at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. as “the most ambitious anti-corruption legislation since Watergate” is a detailed list of six ideas that will, “eliminate the influence of money in our federal government and ensure that it works for American families”. Cough cough, Donald.

The heart of the anti-corruption bill is this: Trump is a symptom of a much bigger issue, and by focusing on the bigger picture, she’s going to take him, and everyone like him, down. Warren says that the Trump Administration, corrupt as it is, is “not the cause of the rot — they’re just the biggest, stinkiest example of it.” (Sidebar: Love Elizabeth Warren saying stinkiest).

With a direct call-out to the stinkiest president in history, it’s clear that Warren is not playing games, and if she were to run for presidential office in 2020, it’s likely that the bill would be the backbone of her campaign. You can read the full transcript of her speech here to learn more about what the Massachusetts Senator is cooking up for 2020.

2020? Sorry, 2018. Right.