Ah, smiles. They’re a low-key universal language. True, smiling is the mark of times both excellent and awkward and open as anything to misinterpretation. But on balance, big joy-fired grins have won the Most Lit Facial Expression Contest every year since the dawn of man. So break out the rare Tuesday smile, friends of CONVICTS, because we’ve got a classic Party of the Week lined up for you this Thursday, November 30th. 

The non-profit GLO Good is throwing a rager this Thursday at Better Days to support their upcoming mission to the Eleuthera, Bahamas. In partnership with Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation, GLO Good will set up a full-service dental clinic in the Bahamas and provide oral health care, tools and education to those in underserved populations. GLO Good’s December trip is forty-five people strong, so they need some cash to fund the good work. 

Tickets are forty bucks and 100% of the price goes to the charitable organizations. Since the party is at Better Days, features the tunes of Les Filles, and is being thrown by excellent humans, smiles plus good times are guaranteed.  

So head to Better Days this Thursday at 8PM and help GLO Good provide better days to those who need them most.