DEED is the opposite of Seamless. Rather than delivering food so you can laze out feeling bloated in mind, body and soul, DEED is an app that connects you to service opportunities nearby. Aside from facilitating positive change, DEED will leave you feeling more like a good person and less like a giant lump in the couch.

So, with that in mind, head to the Williamsburg’s William Vale Hotel next Tuesday night for DEED’s Action Series: LGTBQ Rights. There will be eating, drinking, and earnest discussions about raising awareness and sowing positive change in the world. Bunny Michael, Hanne Gabby, and IO Tillett Wright, amongst others, will lead the panel discussion. Come get educated, tipsy, and non-disgustingly full with us.

Just remember: everyone our age shamelessly plugs good causes. It’s the cool thing to do.

And because we love you please use ”Convicts” as a discount code for $5 off.



DEED is an on-demand app that makes volunteering easy, social and fun. Founded in November 2016, DEED is building a community of socially-conscious New Yorkers, connected by their passion for giving back to their local communities, and the world at-large. For more information on DEED check this out.