We know Raya gets boring, that’s why we here at CONVICTS advocate an old-school dating application by the name of ‘Going to the Bar and Meeting Cool People’. Sometimes, though, even we get the itch to swipe right. Because of that, CONVICTS would really appreciate it someone invented all of the following apps.


Exclusively for celebrity lookalikes. Matched according to on-screen/tabloid romances.


Hinder sends users to be a third wheel on previously established Tinder Dates.  


Users are matched according to the length of their respective dry spells. Must turn over all late-night text messages to confirm.


The opposite of Raya. Must have low follower count, normal looks, and be a real person.


For the chaste. Users suspected of hooking-up receive the immediate boot.


Pairs users according to commitment-aversion levels.

Second Tier

Like the League, but for those with mediocre resumes.


Combs through users’ social networks for hot siblings, matches.


Identical to all current dating apps.