It seems like every day in New York, a cool new spot opens that serves Negronis made from Bob Dylan’s tears or exhibits paintings Andy Warhol did without using his hands. Trying to stay “in the know” is exhausting, especially here. Or anywhere, these days. We’re living in an age of the Netflix effect, where there are so many new things to try, you can’t even keep track of stuff you should’ve already done. Luckily, the CONVICTS offices are filled with trailblazers who have varying definitions of “the finer things” and are here to tell you what’s what.

Convicts’ Picks is a series of kinda well-researched, mostly-intuited recommendations of all shapes and sizes. Each piece in the series contains a smattering of CONVICTS wisdom ranging from strange medicine based cocktails to fine foreign films. We do all the legwork, you get all the knowledge. So pick your poison and drink deeply. The lists will go on and on.

The Best NYC Neighborhoods for Fall

Novembers in New York aren’t warm enough to keep you outside, nor cold enough to make you put on sweats and go full hibernation-mode. Mastering the city’s fall comes down to nailing the balance between indoor and outdoor activities. But where to loiter, explore, party on a crispy-aired fall Saturday? Some New York neighborhoods suit different seasons. The ideal fall hood has loads of places to pop in and out of. Cafes, thrift shops, art galleries, and nearly anything else that’s cozy and doesn’t take too long. Avoid glass and steel and aim for areas full of short, old, red brick buildings. These will perfectly contrast the denim-on-denim you’re probably wearing, and are highly likely to house the distractions you seek. So without further adieu, we present

Greenpoint: A warm pastry from Ovenly Bakery, a cup of coffee from Budin, and a trip to Greenpoint’s actual haunted house on Oak Street is a trifecta that is certain to put you in fall spirits. The leaf-lined streets and old row houses dispense borderline upstate vibes.

Brooklyn Heights: rows and rows of elegant brownstones define this neighborhood. It’s home to some of Brooklyn’s coziest cafes, as well as Brooklyn Bridge Park where couples can snuggle into beanies and espresso while soaking up dope views of Lower Manhattan and pitying those cold fools trapped in the icy looking skyscrapers.

West Village: The West Village is a ringer for fall. It’s nook-like, full of strange winding streets and beautiful people wearing interesting scarves. There are endless bars and cafes in this zone, and the cozier the better. We recommend The Garrett – hidden above the Sheridan Square Five Guys – due to its non-kitsch speakeasy vibes and easy access to its soul-warming grilled cheeses from the burger chain below. Art Bar is another fall favorite, with its backroom full of couches, a fireplace and – plot twist – art.

Clinton Hill: Though this neighborhood is a bit of an underdog on this list, Clinton Hill’s neighborly bars, low prices, and easy subway accessibility make it one of our top picks. Have an espresso and a glass of wine at The Hungry Ghost before Halloween feels too far gone.  Furthermore, this neighborhood boasts those fall vibe essentials: elegant-towards-spooky row houses and autumnally-hued hardwoods shading the streets.