If you’ve ever sat and listened to two or three people talking about “Serial” and wondered how they were connecting a classic breakfast food to a murder case, then it’s time for you to start listening to podcasts. Despite podcasts’ slightly antiquated name, all the cool kids — those who tell the best jokes, know the most interesting facts about everything, and never seem bored — listen to them. And since you’re a cool kid, you should too

Making podcasts is super easy, which means there are hundreds of terrible ones to avoid. To assist the curious listener, CONVICTS compiled a list of podcasts that range from mind-stimulating science to mind-numbing comedy, but are all worth listening to. Here’s the second installment of our series.

Modern Love

Every week the New York Times accepts thousands of submissions for their weekly column Modern Love. This podcast invites actors to read these stories, and explore the world of unexpected relationships, their failures, and the ultimate battle of defining ourselves within it all.  

Reply All

This podcast explores all that is the internet. Whether it’s dissecting Trump’s notorious ‘covfefe’ tweet, or scams that computer companies are running, this podcast has it all. If you enjoy questioning your faith mankind and diving into complex social issues,  these guys will keep your interest sparked.

2 Dope Queens

In their weekly podcast comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams address topics of  race, politics, hating, dating, and more. Along with the hosts, the show features a handful of comedians on every episode, making it a great place to learn about new talent. Strap in because these ladies take no prisoners.

Savage Lovecast

Not matter what your sexual preferences are, host Dan Savage seems to normalize every fetish, fantasy, and relationship qualm posed to him during live calls every week. If you’re looking to get into the weird world of unicorn sex, BDSM, foot fetishes, and everyday relationships, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover with the Savage Lovecast.

The Daily

Whether you’re a news junkie, or simply enjoy being informed on the big headlines for the day, this NYT podcast is a great listen. The host Michael Barbaro not only breaks down the most pressing news stories, but also invites relevant individuals to shine light on the topics at hand. If you’re looking to stay informed everyday this podcast is a great start.