CBD is on trend right now. When Greenpoint coffee shops are serving coffee infused with something, you know its made the hipster big leagues.  For the unenlightened, CBD, acronymous for cannabidiol, is a legal weed alternative slash derivative. CBD doesn’t technically get you high, but it’s starting to look like the newest alternative wonder drug. It’s been hailed as an energy booster, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, etcetera. Like any hot new health product, CBD low-key promises to cure anything, which always induces skepticism.  

As relentless investigators of all things buzzy, CONVICTS decided to sample some of this CBD and see if it really does make you better, faster, stronger.  

First, we vaped it out of a G-Pen. Turns out the stuff gets you kind of high. Or some kind of diet-high. It is lightly relaxing, and seems to give a slightly stoney body buzz. Mostly, it didn’t do all that much. It felt about like some kind of Diet Weed that ultimately, didn’t seem worth the price.

Secondly, we drank some of this CBD infused coffee, which sadly, did even less. The coffee was pricey (six bucks for eight ounces of French-pressed CBD beans) and very normal tasting. Nothing approximated that weedy, burnt taste THC edibles (reportedly) all have. It also felt like…just coffee. The dosage was far lower than the vaped dosage, and produced no noticeable effects.  

Overall, CBD didn’t light our world aflame. No real buzz, relaxation on a rough par with green tea,  If it helps you out with a condition, by all means, use it. It’s not reported to have any negative side effects. We’re just not sure it’s worth six dollars a cup.