It’s been a wild and wonderful year here at CONVICTS. What better way to wrap it up than to take a look back at some of our favorite troublemakers of 2017. 

Cheers to 2018 and to more epic stories being told.


Mitch Coleborn

Mitch Coleborn is a man amongst men-children. The thirty year old pro-surfer has persevered through head on car crashes in Portugal, contest bummers, and the hot hot heat of Pascuales, Mexico.

Tati Compton

Tati Compton is a metalhead, psychedelic aficionado, and stick-and-poke tattoo artist with some serious adventure stories up her sleeve.

Larry ‘PreSkool’ Weissman

Larry ‘DJ PreSkool’ Weissman has dropped acid naked on the roof during a thunderstorm, burned down a bank in Boston, hung with the Hells Angels, raised a family, led and retired from a successful IT career and took up DJing at age 50.

Cam Avery

Cam Avery, the bass player for Tame Impala, reconciles apparent opposites: he gets his best ideas in New York, and makes them happen in LA. He plays psychedelic rock and golf with equal ease.

Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax brings the love to her sets, self, and community. The Detroit-born, Bushwick-based DJ is a one woman antidote for the other-phobic crankiness polluting American political culture.

Wukun Wanambi & Yinimala Gumana

Wukun Wanambi and Yinimala Gumana travelled from Arnhem Land, Australia to showcase the Aboriginal bark paintings that serve as the living, artistic stories that thread together generations of Indigenous Australians.

Gypsy Ravish

Gypsy Ravish channels ancient wisdom in New England. The Wiccan High Priestess leads the Temple of Nine Wells each Halloween, aka Witches’ New Year, to commemorate the departed and celebrate the turning of the seasons.


Boris has forgotten more about the world than most of us will ever know. The Russian ex-pat emigrated from the USSR in 1976 and settled in New York. He’s been the Diamond District’s ace jewel engraver ever since.

Avalon GROMS

Ahh, the innocent days of gromming. When all you do is shred, pound caffeinated beverages and bomb your neighbor’s porch with flaming dog poo. Simpler times.

Blu Detiger

By laying live bass lines over her DJ sets, Blu Detiger drops jams that are impossible to replicate every time she gets on stage. The college-aged wunderkind has already made a name for herself in New York’s iconic nightlife spots.


Mary Woronov

The story of Mary’s life reads like a darkly elegant movie script. As a youth, she starred in Warhol’s flicks and toured with the Velvet Underground. These days, Mary’s pumping out paintings, writing books, and mastering the art of the corner painting.

* Disclaimer: these legends are in no particular order.

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