Usually, we here at CONVICTS take our unseriousness seriously.

We reckon that we could all take ourselves with a larger grain of salt, pump the brakes on anxiety and laugh a little more.  We’d usually pull out all the stops for April Fools Day, but this is not the time to mess with anyone. Everyone’s plate is full with worry and uncertainty. No one knows which way is up, nor what the future holds. The idea of pranking someone today just doesn’t seem very funny.

Every one of us needs all the help, positivity and shared sentiment we can get. You do, we do, they do. So, instead of unleashing some cheeky email on you all this afternoon, we want to share a piece of positivity we whipped up in our remote content factory last week: think of this short film like a commercial for silver linings, or a digital old-timer suggesting that “it’s an ill wind that blows no good,” or simply just a reminder that no matter what happens outside, we can nurture the love, hope, and creativity that exist in all of us. 

No matter what.

Happy April,