Well, after a surprisingly positive week in news, we’re back to business as usual, or the apocalyptic nightmare known as American Political Reality. If you’ve forgotten, Judge Roy Moore is a crusty firebrand from Alabama who defends Confederate monuments, advocates putting the Ten Commandments on public property, and recently beat out establishment candidate Luther Strange for the Republican nomination in Alabama’s special election to fill AG Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat. Even though Trump endorsed Strange, Moore ‘out-Trumped Trump’ a few weeks ago by employing divisive rhetoric, endorsing firebrand conservative politics, and leading assaults in the left vs right culture wars. Were Moore to win his Senate seat – which is expected in a state as deeply red as ‘Bama – he would add a super-MAGA perspective to the Senate.

So, given the way these hypocritical, wealthy, holier-than-though supposedly religious slime f&%#s often operate, it’s sadly unsurprising that multiple women told The Washington Post that Moore initiated deeply inappropriate sexual contact with them while they were underage.  Leigh Corfman, now 53, and a self-identified Trump voter, said that when she was 14, Moore – then 32 – saw her on the street, and arranged a meeting. The first time Moore picked up the young girl, he kissed her. The second time they met, Moore forced himself on Corfman, though the pair did not have intercourse. The Washington Post reports that three other women shared similarly patterned stories describing incidents that occurred when they were between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Words can’t adequately express how disgusting these allegations are. If true, which it seems like, Moore is in seriously hot water. And rightly f%$#ing so. Republican Senators are already calling on him to step down if the allegations are true.  

Nearly as unsurprising and disheartening, Moore’s campaign team claims that this is the “definition fake news” and an attempt by Democrats to cheat him out of the election. A campaign spokesperson wondered why, after all these years, the women would come forward now with these allegations.

Well… because this is a fresh moment. Women are sharing their stories so that bullshit like this won’t stay under the rug. They are speaking truth to power right now, and hard. It’s looking like the tough-on-crime, Old Testament style of punitive justice that Moore has repeatedly endorsed, could come back to bite this pig-faced judge. Let’s hope justice is served.