Words by Cameron Higgins

The cops are hard to like these days. Particularly if you are addled on a flight back from New Orleans and a group of hungover NYPD officers are yakking loudly in the seats behind you about the good old days before anti-police brutality measures went into effect. That terrifying shit being said, cops aren’t all bad, all the time.  

The New York post reports that that the NYPD has rejected every single one of the 1,526 requests to hand over prisoners to the Trump Administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The amount of these requests by the ICE to the NYPD increased by two thousand percent last year.

According to New York City Law, the local police can’t turn prisoners over to federal authorities if the feds themselves lack a specific warrant for an individual. What this means is that essentially, NYPD cops are implicitly protecting immigrants in the face of an anti-immigrant federal policy. They are directly defying Trump in Trump’s hometown. If this would happen anywhere, it would happen in New York City. The city’s beauty, its energy and character come from the fact that this town is one of the world’s greatest immigrant cities.  

The NYPD’s defiance of the Trump Administration feels like an act of solidarity with the city and the rare positive thing to be said about one of America’s highest profile police forces.

So yeah, “f%$# the police.”

Most of the time.