Brunch - Jack's Wife Freda

Vibe is everything plus some amazing food.

Shop - Ina

Lots of good items at second hand prices but brand new!

Culture Hit - Guggenheim

Personally I like the building more then the art most of the time, but I can’t see the architecture enough.

Drink - Happiest Hour

Good old music and great drinks.

Dinner - Kiki's

Best damn greek food in the city, according to me anyway. And wine seems to be bottomless.

Dance - Happy Ending

A little old school New York grime location turned perfectly fun.

Coffee - Caffé Dante

The hundred plus year old cafe on McDougal Street that was once the centerpiece of the South Village Italian community now owned by Aussie restauranteur, Linden Pride blends an Australian emphasis on quality coffee with a traditionally Italian sense of hospitality.

Coffee - El Dandy

This is the coffee/afternoon beer spot that I tell everyone.Photographer by trade, this family definitely knows how to open a western style coffee shop—look out for the fresh fruit salad, quesadillas, and fresh guacamole.

Take mum - Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Regarded as one of the best in the world, it’s quite a treat to see this newly renovated/ reopened theater (reopened early January, 2016).

Shop - Taller Experimental de Grafica

If you’re interested in seeing the most important graphic arts establishment in Havana Cuba that is preserving the history of old printmaking techniques—this is the place for you.

Culture Hit - Fabrica de la Arte

For me the highlight is that it’s the most diverse crowd of its kind in Havana—with a simple entrance of 2CUC—everyone from locals to tourists can come and enjoy. When there, ask for Rosemary who is the fine art curator & X Alfonso the owner (rather famous Cuban Musician).

Drink - El Chanchullero

Questionably the best bang for your CUC’s or $$$ in all of Havana Vieja. This hotspot has truly transformed into a staple for young tourists to dine, drink and talk the night away.

Dinner - La Terrazas

Year after year, this continues to be my favorite restaurant in Havana. There is also a wonderful wine list and the bread is to die for. You will not be disappointed—especially after the Leg of Lamb and a few Havana Club.

Dance - Don Cangrejo

Over the past few years, Don Cangrejo remains one of the best late night Friday/Saturday night party in town. While everyone is chasing the new, most of the young beautiful crowd will all end up here—mainly due to its location right on the water, almost fully outdoors, and showcases the best of Cuban’s contemporary live music.

Escape - Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym

Classic Cuban experience—guys and girls! Ask to train with the legendary 2 times Olympic Gold Medalist: HECTOR VINENT*****This should not be missed, especially if you plan on visiting Cuba for more than a few days!

Dinner - Lucky Bee

Lower East Side institution by Matty B and Rupert Noffs. Constellation of Pan-Asian flavors, built from locally sourced ingredients. The pair donates a dollar to charity for every one of the aptly named 'Karma' Cocktails they pour.

Coffee - Third Rail Coffee

Closest thing to Bonsoy tasting latte I've found.

Brunch - Flinder's Lane

Avo toast and a pot of Melbourne Breakfast tea..I'm a creature of habit.

Take mum - The Cloisters

Shop - Tokio 7

Amazing Japanese-centric designer consignment store. It's where all the cool kids consign their stuff.

Culture Hit - Dia Art Foundation, Beacon

Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses, always enthralling.

Drink - Maison Premiere

Cocktails that make you want to be as fabulous as they are.

Dinner - Caffe Dante

Homestyle Italian food that's presented with a Japanese aesthetic, and underscored with casual, Melbourne-style hospitality.

Dance - Paul's Cocktail Lounge

Non-stop dance your socks off tunes and a the old-school disco aesthetic.

Escape - Noguchi Museum

Brunch - The Spotted Pig

Sickest Blue Cheeseburger and Cubano sandwich (when it's available).

Shop - Alife

Their sneaker game is awesome.

Dinner - Perry St

The most consistently amazing restaurant in Manhattan. Endless amounts of quality dishes in a non stuffy, chilled atmosphere. Head chef Cedric Vongerichten is a legend.

Dance - Birdland Jazz Club

Iconic late night jazz institution.

Coffee - Happy Bones

They might be the only place that knows how to make a Long Black. Something so rare to find is the perfection of the New Zealand black coffee done to perfection.

Brunch - The Smile

This block has sort of been my home away from home in NYC. The Smile is always warm and welcoming, but also has the best eggs and greens imaginable.

Take mum - Bergdorf

We always go up to Barney’s and Bergdorf to admire beautiful things, and usually end up with a scallop roll at the end of the day from Bond Street Sushi.

Shop - Dover Street Market

The selection is ever changing and it is so beautifully curated with lots of new designers, as well as established ones.

Culture Hit - New York City

Being in such a diverse place is what I enjoy most about NYC. Just walking around is culturally educational and constantly inspiring for me.

Drink - Temple Bar

There is nothing better than a dark cocktail bar, they make the best drinks, but it really is a true escape from the speed of the city. It makes me feel like I am on a Russian cruise ship in the 80s in the gentlemen’s bar.

Dinner - Le French Diner

Pierre the owner does an incredible job making exquisite french cuisine in his tiny restaurant (14 people can fit, maybe?) and also has a fantastic wine list.

Escape - Bowery Hotel

I usually will pop in to the Bowery Hotel for tea on afternoons when I need peace and quiet. Its a place where you can exist almost without existing. It is by far my favorite place in the city.

Coffee - The Lazy Llama

They are really chill about animals, so I bring my dog Lola with me every morning when I get my coffee. There's usually other dogs in there as well every morning, and what better way to start your day than petting puppies?

Brunch - The Smile

The food is so good and not terrible for you so you never feel too guilty. It's also super close to my house so we can get there early and beat the crowds.

Take mum - Frank

It's like going into an incredibly loud shoe box but my parents love it.

Shop - Quality Mending Co.

Great solid colored vintage Tee's and weird trinkets. My other answer was going to be Adidas, no joke. I got a pair of flared warm up pants and I can't handle how cool it is if you stick to the classics. Weird, I know.

Culture Hit - Team Gallery

We got our Ryan McGinley photograph there so I go back every once in a while and it's always interesting.

Drink - Von

Von's is great because it feels like drinking at a friends house.

Drink - Madame Geneva

Madame Geneva's is good for a classic cocktail and nice atmosphere.

Dinner - Kiki's

Because the food is insane and it has such a great vibe. The house wine is relatively cheap, comes in a chilled tin, and tastes amazing. Just be prepared to wait about 2 hours because I'm not the only one that feels that way about Kiki's.

Dance - Bembe

It's not "cool" or "sceney" but the music is killer and everyone there knows how to throw down on the dance floor. It's no joke.

Coffee - Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane has six locations throughout NYC and one in Philadelphia. Each location is designed and influenced by the renowned coffee culture hub of Melbourne, Australia.

Brunch - Cafe Mogador

I love middle eastern food and the breakfast / brunch here is pretty awesome.

Shop - Convicts NYC

Because it's all things AUS!

Drink - Bemelmans Bar

Because it's old New York and it's so beautiful!

Dinner - Il Buco Alimentari

Cacio e pepe!

Escape - Lake Placid Lodge

Lake placid lodge is one of my favs!

Coffee - Sweatshop

Converted dodgy old bodega forms this part design studio, part ode to Melbourne’s coffee scene.

Dinner - Ruby's Cafe

Ruby's Cafe is more than a restaurant. The Mulberry Street hangout is the original hub of so called 'Little Australia,' and at any hour of the day, expats, Yanks and tourists can be found smashing flat whites, brekkie, and burgers, but most importantly, sharing good vibes.

Coffee - Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons has been my local ever since I moved to south Williamsburg and also the used to be the only place to get a coffee within close proximity. They make a hell of a savory scone.

Brunch - Isa

I've had the whole menu. You literally can't go wrong. The breakfast pizza is probably in the top 10 of my favorite things.

Take mum - Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

I like to bring my mom to the Botanic Garden then head to the city for an early dinner at Gitane followed by a Broadway show of some sort, she loves those.

Shop - 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas

The best place to thrift and not break the bank.

Culture Hit - MOMA

I'm still a fan of the classics.

Drink - Skinny Dennis

I love dive bars, especially Texan ones. There is live music, usually country music and they have a drink that's called a Texas tea that will put you under a table.

Dinner - Carino

I'm a sucker for Mexican food. But aside from that, The staff has hardly changed in the 5 years I've been going , I feel like that's hard to come by in the service industry in NY. I don't even have to look at the menu. I love spots like that.

Coffee - Milk Bar

A great coffee selection with a friendly and knowledgable staff who know how to run an even shot and pour a nice milk! Also, not overly crowded.

Brunch - Sunshine & Co

I usually hate brunch…it’s a weird concept to me. Like, why is it a thing really? Can’t we just get up late and go have breakfast? I usually do that anyway. I brunch everyday. Seems a bit basic to me…but anyway, this place makes it do-able on the weekends with great Bloody Mary’s and a creative menu.

Take mum - Brooklyn Museum

Shop - Vice-Versa

Second-hand vintage gear and super affordable prices. Amazing selection of Western Shirts

Culture Hit - House of Art Gallery

I saw the great exhibition here by Jamel Shabazz who is a local photographer. Extremely powerful and slightly overwhelming

Drink - Hank's Saloon

Country and Punk tunes on the jukebox, PBR and Fireball at 1970’s prices, loveable people who are happy to do their own thing but will always be welcoming to a new face.

Drink - Goldstar Beer Counter

16 taps of craft beers that rotate through after each keg. Vinyl only for the music, and they play the album from start to finish. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and fantastic ambience. Take home growlers for anything in the shop.

Dinner - Gloria's

Amazing traditional Caribbean food with generous servings. The shrimp (prawn) curry is particularly great, and the veggie roti!

Escape - Catskills

Nashville. But if you’re looking for something closer, The Catskills are a perfect escape.

Dinner - Flinder's Lane

Lower East Side restaurant run by Aussie proprietors Chris Rendell and Chris McPherson. Flinders Lane is a modern Australasian restaurant inspired by the Melbourne street of the same name.

Coffee - Porto Rico Importing Co

Fixture for international coffee & teas

Brunch - Huckleberry Bar

Fancy cocktails, craft beer & snacks with a garden space

Take mum - Brooklyn Kitchen

A cook and baker’s haven for tools and classes

Shop - Treehouse Brooklyn

Small boutique with neat vintage and handmade finds from local designers

Culture Hit - Bushwick Country Club

Favorite dive; PBR tall boys, mini golf & a photo booth

Drink - Masha & The Bear

Named after the old Russian folk tale; Vodka on tap, check. Perogies, check.

Dinner - Awol Eatery

Fresh “Farm to Fork” dishes that I love

Dance - Union Pool

Been going here since the beginning; live music & tacos

Escape - Painting Lounge

Paint and relax; byob!

Brunch - The Smile

It feels like you're walking into an upstate New York old farm home.

Take mum - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

If she were to ever come to town while I was there working and had some time off, I'd take her to see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Drink - The Cabin Down Below

The bartenders poor 'em strong and cheap booze is not allowed.

Dinner - Great N.Y. Noodletown

It's this hole in the wall spot on Bowery that has the traditional 'duck hanging in the window' feel. They only take cash and you only need to bring a maximum of 40 bucks to stuff yourself silly. And I mean---SILLY. The food is divine. Best Chinese food I've had in New York. Complimentary black tea, too.

Coffee - Devocion

Super fresh coffee beans straight from Columbia. Nice open space with plant-covered wall and huge skylight.

Brunch - El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

Fresh seasonal menu, California-inspired with lots of veggies. Great coffee and pastries too! Bonus- superb ice cream (Morganstern’s Finest) around the corner by same owner.

Take mum - The Heyward

Gotta show off my husband’s skills!

Shop - Mociun

Lovely jewelry, beautiful ceramics, and natural beauty products.

Culture Hit - David Zwirner Gallery

Lots of popular exhibitions hosted here. Nice mix of museum-quality shows and contemporary artists. Worth a check out!

Drink - The Daily

Love the unique cocktails, menu changes daily!

Dinner - Semilla

New 2 NYT star tasting menu, vegetable-focued menu, and in Williamsburg. What’s not to love?

Dance - Never Never

Fun lounge vibe, great spot to dance with your girls!

Escape - McCarren Park

Not many places in the city are off the beaten path these days, but I like to go to McCarren Park to regain that connection to nature.

Coffee - 71 Irving Place

It's underneath my house and they know how to make an espresso.

Brunch - Casa Mono

Cause brunch in New York is really just lunch with more drinking and I like to be close to home to have a nap after. Also the food is exceptional.

Take mum - Freds at Barneys

So she can dine and shop.

Shop - Wyeth

A very well curated selection of mid century and contemporary furniture. There is always something new.

Drink - Buvette

Its very cosy at the bar. It's not too big, not too sceney but big enough and sceney enough for good people watching.

Dinner - Carbone

They do it so well. I like to pretend I know how to speak Italian. The waiter pretends he can understand me.

Coffee - The Butchers Daughter

Because it's the only place open for almond milk lattes at 9am.

Brunch - Dimes

Acai breakfast bowls

Shop - Barneys

The Shoe room

Drink - Forgetmenot


Dinner - Buvette

The croque monsieur

Coffee - Homecoming

In the spirit of supporting locally owned businesses close to mine, I choose Homecoming.

Brunch - Cafe Mogador

Great food, great atmosphere.

Shop - Luddite Antiques

Owner, Luke is a 20 year friend/ old Double RL buddy. Again, in the spirit of supporting local business close to my shop, my long standing buddy Luke's shop is a lay up.

Drink - Northern Territory

The roof at Northern Territory has one of the best sunset view points.

Coffee - Bakeri

It is a cute hole in the wall bakery with the friendliest people that work there that wear these amazing prison like blue uniforms. Great coffee is hard to find in this city and it took us a moment to find a good consistent go to but bakeri do Americanos and lattes well and their pastries and tarts are just as addictive

Brunch - Cafe Mogador

Consistent, friendly staff and great Moroccan style food. The kids love this place because it is open and there is space to move around. This place is definitely are go to place for brunch

Shop - 10ft Single By Stella Dallas

Offers a great vintage selection of denim, tees, dresses, the whole she bang and their prices are super reasonable. Get inspired with their not for sale tee prints (old band tees etc) that they have scattered all over their walls.

Drink - Del Mano

This bar is a local spot of ours not far from our house and in the summer especially nothing beats a white wine spritzer and oysters from this cosy joint. It's also great to people watch as they always have super stylish people floating about

Dinner - St Anselm

Wow this place is incredible and my husband and I love to sit by the bar next to the open kitchen and see our meal cooked right in front of us. The whole farm to table experience is a big thing in this city but this under the radar place truly does set itself high above the rest of them.

Dance - This and That

It's a gay bar also nearby our house that continually play Madonna classics and have great performances by drag queens.

Coffee - Black Brick

Brunch - Manhattan Three Decker

Sue's the best waitress in town.

Drink - Grand Victory

Dinner - Waverley Inn

Dance - Fat Baby

Take mum - The Waverly Inn

Shop - Jeffrey

It's an awesomely curated store.

Drink - Grand Banks

I am a blogger, imagery is important. This place is too easy to Instagram (also I love oysters and cocktails)!

Dinner - Tipsy Parson

The chicken is ridiculously delightful.

Dance - Acme

Reminds me of when met my boyfriend.

Escape - AIRE

Its not out of the city but it certainly feels like an escape!

Coffee - Blue Bottle

It’s right around the corner from home, and they make me a delicious & strong quad shot cappuccino.

Brunch - Donna

Cool atmosphere and amazing breakfast burrito. Great cappuccino too.

Take mum - The Heyward

Drink - The Whiskey Shop

They carry the best and unique brands of whiskey, bourbon, rye, etc.

Dinner - Betony

Innovative, well-balanced food cooked to perfection. Get the pig’s head for two.

Dance - Cabin

Cabin- Cool speakeasy vibe, basement bar & outdoor area.

Coffee - Happy Bones

It's the closest spot to where i stay in NY. Small, easy & the line is never to dramatic. I think they may be New Zealand dudes, i fucking love New Zealand.

Brunch - Lovely day

Thai never tasted so good.

Shop - Acne

Been on the train for years. Qaulity made products, clean and classy.

Drink - Liar's Saloon

You wont be.

Dinner - Momofuku Noodle Bar

Greatest ramen & pork buns ever

Dance - Tom and Jerry's Jukebox

Brian knows what i drink & he has great stories.

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