How to describe Shannon and The Clams’ sound? Well, imagine an early-sixties rock band got unwittingly dosed with acid before a show, went on stage before an unexpecting audience, then rocked their brains out. Combining high lyricism and garage rock grit with psychedelically-flavored doo-wop vibes, Shannon And The Clams turn their interrogations of modern masculinity into catchy anthems. On their most recent album, Onion, the band’s frontwoman Shannon Shaw belts out sultry melodies over twangy riffs, while guitarist Cody Blanchard lays down raspy, poppy vocals.

Following their performance at Panorama Festival in NYC, we caught up with Shannon and The Clams for a chat. We got their word on the ease of music as a means of expression, the motivations behind their songwriting process, and the beauty of an audience’s subjectiveness.