Wine Australia threw a classy affair at Biba, on the Williamsburg waterfront on Wednesday night. Fine wine and excellent conversation flowed, while aspiring young DJ Barron Hanson brought choice vibes on the turntables. More importantly, CONVICTS answered a question on the mind of its American audience: are sausage rolls, the hot-dog like delicacy ex-pat Australians moan near sexually over, just corndogs?

To get to the bottom of this pressing geopolitical question, the CONVICTS team went undercover as normal humans. We drank red wine at a reasonable pace and ate using forks, so not to attract suspicion. We didn’t eat the lamb chops at all like cavemen. The food was incredible all around, but the CONVICTS team maintained journalistic missile lock on the sausage rolls. A certain member of the CONVICTS team put their cardiac health on the line and consumed upwards of seven rolls for the sake of research. And what sausage rolls they were. Made by Flinder’s Lane and Butler, the savory delicacies consisted of both roll and sausage. They proved utterly orgasmic to the tastes buds. However, our research corroborated what the Americans in the office have suspected for years: sausage rolls are corndogs disguised as a national dish.  

See the photographic evidence below.