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Widows Peak

I've heard many times that what makes a beautiful song, is what you've left out.

Widows peak may have unearthed their alt-Americana sound in Brooklyn, but these days, the band is busy digging up its musical roots in upstate New York.

We caught up with the duo before their recent show at baby's and got the good word on saxophone, the benefits of moving upstate, and the many ways that brooklyn is like an ex girlfriend

Convicts : Hey Molly, hey Robert. How are you guys doing?
Robert : Great
Molly : Great
Convicts : Could you tell us what the name of your band is and where you're from?
Molly : We're called Widows Peak and we were in Brooklyn for a really long time, but we recently moved upstate so that's where we're headquartered now.
Robert : In River Valley, Catskills
Convicts : Are you two from Brooklyn originally?
Molly : I'm from Washington state. Tacoma Washington.
Robert : I'm from Chicago. But we met and got things rolling here.
We're definitely still Facebook friends. I stalk the shit out of brooklyn.
Widows Peak - Stoned
We're definitely still Facebook friends. I stalk the shit out of brooklyn.
Convicts : Why did you guys make the move upstate?
Molly : We were spending more and more time up here And it seemed like a really good time to try something else.
Robert : We were both burnt out on living in NYC after touring-we toured for two years and coming back to a loud city with bars was kind of the last thing we wanted.
Convicts : What do you guys miss about the city so far?
Molly : The sort of person I was in the city, the kind of things I had back there. At the same time I needed to move on from people and places.
Convicts : Can you tell us about your newest album, All Yours?
Robert : It kind of has the whole vibe of - s​omeone described the record as a breakup record. We didn't think of it as a breakup record. It's almost a breakup with a place.
Molly : Or a version of yourself, an era.
Convicts : If you had to describe Brooklyn as your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, how would you do it?
Molly : Well it depends on which ex-boyfriend. Great at the time, but moved on. I literally have no qualms with any of my ex-boyfriends. I'm actually on good terms with all of them.
Robert : Broolyn's cool. I've moved on from Brooklyn. We still keep in touch though.
Molly : Are you Facebook friends?
Robert : Yeah we're definitely Facebook friends. I stalk the shit out of Brooklyn.
Convicts : What about upstate? With the beautiful mountains and air, do you think that it has a specific sound?
Robert : There's a vibe there.
Molly : There is. Way before Woodstock, you hear about the art colonies up here in the 20s and 30s. even before then. So it's always kind of been an artsy zone.
Robert : I think it's just more of the idea that it has such a bohemian history that people are like cool with everything there. Our neighbor was a part of a video artist commune in the 60s and now he's just the dude that lives next to us
Convicts : Have you two been productive up here? Upstate?
Molly : It took some getting used just being like this is my house and my workspace and there's not any distractions. There's like one bar in town. Which is kind of nice because you're really isolated and you have to necessarily be alone in your head.​I do think that it took a little while to write again because we were just chilling.
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