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Prospect Park Boys

It’s what gives the motivation to do work for the next week, because yeah, we just live by week to week, month to month.

There’s old fashioned sportsmanship to be found in the heart of Brooklyn. The Prospect Park Boys, a group of first-generation immigrant athletes, meet each Sunday in Prospect Park for an epic game of cricket. Good natured smack talking ensues.
CONVICTS caught up with the Prospect Park boys and got their word on the elegance of cricket, the diverse beauty of Brooklyn, and kids these days with their damn cell phones.

Convicts : Hey gentlemen. Can you tell us a bit about your cricket game here?
Prospect Park Boys : It’s a beautiful game. Keep your feet, and it’s an exciting game. Especially when you win. Every Sunday, we come to Prospect Park and these guys is here. And our name is Prospect Park Boys. That’s our name.
Convicts : What keeps the Prospect Park boys coming back each Sunday?
Prospect Park Boys : It’s a’s about when you got five hard days of work for the week and you want to relax. Talk boy shit. It’s what gives the motivation to do work for the next week, because yeah, we just live by week to week, month to month. So you can only come and relax yourself on a Sunday. Give you the motivation to do your next chore you have to do for the next five days. To pay your rent or whatever. Yeah.
Convicts : Where’s everybody from?
Prospect Park Boys : Everyone, everyone is from Brooklyn. Everyone is born outside of America. We got the fellas from the islands; Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, West Indies, Australia, England, Pakistan. Wherever they’re from they come and they play because they like the sport. Cricket is a game for the islands. When we come to America we try to pass it on with us.
Convicts : You guys love Brooklyn?
Prospect Park Boys : Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn, that’s where the guys are! You come to New York and you don’t see Brooklyn, you lose out, man.
Convicts : How do players find out about the game here?
Prospect Park Boys : Oh, they hear about the game and they just come into the park.
Convicts : Do any kids come to play cricket?
Prospect Park Boys : No kids come with their pops. They used to, years ago but now, cell phones, they’re texting, they don’t come. They doing all kind of whatever. “Old men over here,” that’s what they say. They don’t come with no pops.
Convicts : Harsh. How do you feel after a day out here playing?
Prospect Park Boys : This game is so beautiful. It’s a super game. When you leave this park and go home and after you take a shower and you get out three or four wickets you feel so beautiful.
Convicts : What about the actual mechanics of the game. How are things different when playing with a leather ball versus a tennis ball?
Prospect Park Boys : This tennis ball is so different from the leather ball, but it’s the real, same bat. We make bats and we have professional bats.
Convicts : Do you guys keep in touch during the winter?
Prospect Park Boys : The longer we stay here the less we feel winter, but we don’t see each other. We have the places where we hang out, and we see each other but we don’t see everybody together, you know? Once it’s back to spring, everybody’s together.
Convicts : Finally, do the Prospect Park Boys have any secret recipe for success?
Prospect Park Boys : You take a little liquor to keep warm and keep lively.
Convicts : Just to be safe. Good luck with the game today.
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