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Nadia Fairfax

“Beauty isn't a face full of makeup or an outfit that's too done or a body that's too fit, you don't have to have a great six-pack. Beauty is being natural, being yourself and being confident”

Nadia Fairfax is a petite little babe, but the girl packs a mighty enormous personality. The Sydney native rose to prominence with her quietly elegant blog, The Fairfax Journal. We caught up with the ascendant fashionista to talk beauty, boozy lunches, and the importance of being yourself on Insta.

Convicts : Where did you grow up?
Nadia : My childhood was split between Sydney and a high performance center. I was a gymnast, but I did every sport. Swimming, athletics, tennis, I even had some golf lessons, but gymnastics stole my heart. I grew up in Sydney, but when I was nine years old I left and went to Canberra for gymnastics.
Convicts : But athletics ran in your family?
Nadia : Well, I can't say Dad was a Wallaby cause no one would understand that in America. Dad played rugby union for Australia, then he crossed over and played Rugby League and won two premierships with the Roosters.
Convicts : Do you think your background in sporting influenced your character?
Nadia : I think a little bit of my fearlessness came from gym. At competitions you get so nervous that you just gotta put it all behind you and get on the beam and focus on your tricks. I use that in everyday life.
Convicts : Have you always been interested in fashion?
Nadia : I was raised quite the tomboy. I lived in tracksuits and gym clothes and all that sort of jazz. Fashion was never really the forefront of my mind. I thought I was going to be a sports journalist.
Convicts : How did you get your start in the fashion world?
Nadia : I started working for the Australian designer Camilla part time and a small interest developed in what I was doing via social media. I thought: I may as well take this to the next step. It was quite an organic process.
Convicts : Have you ever modeled?
Nadia : What I do is actually modeling, but I'm not a model. I've pulled in people because of my personality. They’re interested in what I have to say about fashion.
Convicts : How does social media factor into your day to day life?
Nadia : I’ve had these arguments with a few other bloggers-they feel very firmly about not showing their personal lives. If they're out drinking it's a no-go. Well it's not for me. You will see drunken photos on my Instagram.
Convicts : How much thought goes into the average caption?
Nadia : Look, to be honest for me it depends on how I'm feeling that day. A lot of the other girls say 'spend so much time on it.’
Convicts : So you can be yourself on Instagram?
Nadia : I’m going to be myself, otherwise it's boring. If people don't like it than too bad. I've got enough friends. I'm exactly who I am and if people don't like it, well they can get fucked. Which does happen.
Convicts : Do you take that attitude to your blogging?
Nadia : Blogging is sort of a new industry that’s really taking off. Girls are making brilliant careers out of it, but I don't want it to become my whole life. I just want to enjoy it and play with it and it be chill. I still wanna have fun, you know.
Convicts : How do you deal with negative commentary?
Nadia : You just gotta brush it to the side. Anyone who is confident and doing well gets it. What are you going to do about it? Don't ever bite back, don't ever let anyone know they've upset you. Nadia's number one rule. Even if you're dying inside.
Convicts : What do you say when you're getting fired up or talking shit back to someone?
Nadia : I always say ‘Ugh, you silly duffer.’ That's pretty Australian.
Convicts : How would your worst enemy describe you?
Nadia : Let me call….
Convicts : Scrap that question, how would your boyfriend describe you?
Nadia : A handful.
Convicts : What’s your ultimate escape?
Nadia : I travel to a lot of beautiful exciting places, but when I'm in these locations I have to work. So for me escape is just staying at home. Not getting out of bed and watching Law and Order.
Convicts : Do you have any traveling tips?
Nadia : Valium.
Convicts : What’s your drink of choice?
Nadia : Rose, definitely. I love long boozy lunches.
Convicts : Aussies specialize in boozy lunches. How does New York inspire you?
Nadia : It makes me realize what a small fish I am, and how much more I could do. At home, I sort of let it all come naturally. Here, you've really got to actually go for and chase it and make shit happen.
Convicts : What is beauty to you?
Nadia : Beauty isn't a face full of makeup or an outfit that's too done or a body that's too fit, you know. It’s natural, being yourself and confidence in that. It’s something quite natural.
Convicts : What are your current goals?
Nadia : Getting engaged, by the end of the year, kids...nah just kidding. But really: you’ve gotta keep building and striving for more. I'd love to have my own product be it a line or a collaboration. I love that element of creativeness.
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