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Milky Chance

It's the time of festivals where all the people come together to enjoy music, so it's pretty cool to dance and just have a good time in the sun.

Milky Chance isn’t taking any chances: Phillipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein still modestly describe themselves as “the kids from Kassel.” Their band, Milky Chance, blew up with the hit “Stolen Dance.” Now, the boys are tearing up their first US tour.
After playing a high energy show at Bowery Ballroom, Milky Chance headed out to Montauk for a gig at Surf Lodge. CONVICTS caught up with them after the show and got the lowdown on their favorite cliches about Germany and America, their slightly harrowing experience surfing, and the smell of fish.

Convicts : Hey boys. Could you introduce yourselves for us?
Milky Chance : We’re Milky Chance. I'm Clemens. I'm Philipp.
Convicts : How was the show?
Milky Chance : The show was awesome. Special place. I mean we played in front of the harbor, which is really cool.
Convicts : Have you played shows like this before?
Milky Chance : The size yea, but not that close to water. Small intimate shows we really love. We like it. It was really nice that on another building to the left people were standing on the roof. That was really cool.
Convicts : What about the smell of fish? Could you smell the fishing boats?
Milky Chance : Oh yeah. Love the smell of fish. We wanted actually to go fish, but we couldn't. We will in Canada and Alaska.
Convicts : Tell me about Montauk and the Hamptons. Have you been here before? What's this place like?
Milky Chance : We've never been before here so it's our first time. We like it because it's green and chill and calm. It's definitely a different side of New York, ‘cause we've only been to Manhattan and Brooklyn so seeing this kind of nature is really nice. I think we like this more.
Convicts : You guys just had your first show in America at Bowery Ballroom, right?
Milky Chance : Right. That was our very first show in the US.
Convicts : Was it crazy meeting so much success at your first gig in the States?
Milky Chance : Yea, it was crazy. That's funny that you said that. After the gig I met a couple that said to me ‘Dude I watched you in that show and I saw your eyes and knew you were blown away because you didn't expect this at all.’ We were students coming out of high school and we’ve never been to the US. We were afraid of going here. We’re the kids from Kassel, to go to the big US and have people come to see us was definitely nothing we expected. People could sing our songs.
Convicts : That must’ve been awesome. Do you guys have a good summer planned? Do you guys like summer?
Milky Chance : Summer is always the time to do stuff, explore. It's the time of festivals where all the people come together to enjoy music, so it's pretty cool to dance and just have a good time in the sun. We are not snow people, but we like winter as well. We like the balance.
Convicts : Do either of you surf?
Milky Chance : In Australia a guy asked us, ‘Do you want to go surf? and we're like ‘Yea sure let's try it out. He took us to the professional spot with waves, I don't know, three meters high. I was just like ‘Are you serious?’ so we tried it, swallowed a lot of water. It was great.
Convicts : Right on. You boys are about to tour the US aren’t you?
Convicts : What do you expect now? You had a huge first album, you have new music. Are you excited for the rest of the tour?
Milky Chance : Totally. The US became a very important place because people really like our music here. We're working on a second album, so this is a step toward being real musicians, doing the second album. Hopefully people like what we do. We still want to give some music.
Convicts : It looks like you guys are having fun. I heard you making fun of bratwurst?
Milky Chance : Just some cliches.
Convicts : What are the ultimate German cliches? Tell me.
Milky Chance : Beer, bratwurst, cars. Oktoberfest.
Convicts : What about America? It is the 4th of July.
Milky Chance : Bad American cliches? Like from Germany?
Convicts : Yea.
Milky Chance : Hamburgers, Donald Trump. Everything is bigger.The cars are too big. Sometimes you don't even see the people sitting behind it ‘cause they are so huge. But those are all cliches.
Convicts : Have you had a look around Montauk?
Milky Chance : A little bit, we just went to the beach. I don't know what beach. I get confused with directions.
Convicts : Can we ask one more question before you go? Why the name Milky Chance?
Milky Chance : Why Milky Chance? That is a good question and we don't know the answer. No seriously, it's like we made it up when we were teenagers for like fun.
Convicts : Thanks boys. Take it easy and good luck with the rest of the tour.
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