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Luci Taffs

I was like, “What’s the most opposite thing to Australia that I can think of”? And that was New York.

Luci Taffs is an Australian Model who has lived in New York for 5 years. Her trademark short slicked back blonde hair can be seen gracing billboards throughout downtown NewYork City. Her striking and slightly intimidating look is not a reflection of her care free fun attitude to life and travel. In her eyes, the ultimate escape is a beach with her sister, a few mates and maybe a cocktail or three.

Convicts : Where do you go to escape?
Luci : I would go on holiday somewhere exotic. However I am about to go to California, so maybe that is my escape. The beach is always a must.
Convicts : What is your favorite spot in New York City?
Luci : Everyday I go to the Butcher’s Daughter, without a doubt. To get my morning latte. Also because it’s the only place that’s open at 7:00 in the morning. That is one thing New York is not known for, early morning breakfast or coffee. But as an Australian I still enjoy good coffee and this place has it.
Convicts : Let’s talk about your photography. What inspires you?
Luci : My favorite photographer is probably Peter Beard. His work is all about travel and collage. It’s just amazing, the scale is really impressive. It is so intricate, lots of layers and collage, really beautiful and aggressive. You get to see so much of the world in his work as long as you take your time and look very closely.
Convicts : What interests you about photography?
Luci : I was sick of always being in front of the camera. I wanted my own experience and to execute my own ideas. I just started taking photos, mostly just me and my girlfriends playing around with different things. Taking portraits. Once you have been around photographers for such a long time you pick up things. Once I actually played around a little bit I knew to look for light, angles and obviously to work with the model to bring out the beauty. Having said that I know I will never stop learning.
Convicts : When you’re taking a photo, is there a certain aesthetic you’re chasing?
Luci : You just really need to be on your feet and move around. I think that comes with experience. I particularly like natural photography, not using artificial light. I have the most fun when I am shooting outside, maybe that is why I am moving out to LA.
Convicts : When you decided to move from Sydney to New York, what were you thinking?
Luci : I just really wanted a change, and I was like, “What’s the most opposite thing to my coastal lifestyle in Australia that I can think of”? And that was New York. It made so much sense for the industry that I was working in and also what is not fantastical about an adventure to Manhattan. As soon as I said that, I swear, ten people came with me. That made it a lot easier.
Convicts : Difficult moments?
Luci : In winter, you do have to get out of here in winter to survive. It’s really intense. It’s nice to go upstate, just anywhere out of the city.
Convicts : Have you ever had people call you a convict?
Luci : People call me a convict all the time, and it doesn’t offend me. I like it.
Convicts : A person you like to travel with?
Luci : A person I like to travel with is my sister. I’d take her anywhere. Maybe we would go to a tropical island somewhere. I’d take a bunch of friends. There’d be a lot of cocktails, margaritas, pina coladas, and some swimming. And some reggae.
Convicts : What did you do yesterday?
Luci : Yesterday we went to trapeze school. Yesterday I went flying.
Convicts : What were you thinking yesterday?
Luci : I was trying to be a boss when I was in the bottom. But at the top it was really scary. Especially because you can see the whole West Side Highway. The view was amazing yet totally intimidating. I just really didn’t want it to be embarrassing, but it probably was. In the end it is all about giving it a go and taking the plunge.
Convicts : Can you talk about your second swing?
Luci : Oh no, it was terrible. That guy was getting mad at me. I was just trying to hold on and it wasn’t pretty. I got back up though and my next one was pretty good.
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