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Los Scallywaggs

There's so much good music coming out now, I don't know if there's something going on with the town water.

In between racing junkers, surfing, and raging ‘til dawn, Los Scallywaggs churn out raw surf punk tracks that capture the essence of their lifestyle. CONVICTS caught up with the boys at their pad outside Forster, and got their word on wild tour hijinks, roadtripping with Elmo and Pablo Escobar, and the musical importance of doing it yourself.

Convicts : To start, tell us what’s going on in Forster? There’s a little musical renaissance going on around here isn’t there?
Los Scallywaggs : Around this area, everyone’s frothing on music and new music and bands and everyone's friends around to support that live action, pushing music. Everyone froths on each other’s moment, so it generates this big hype of everyone coming together and having a party, all the young crew like us. There's so much good music coming out now, I don't know if there's something going on with the town water.
Convicts : What are you boys listening to these days?
Los Scallywaggs : It ranges from anything, heavy metal to rap. We listened to bloody Eminem the other day that was bloody good eh? Taking it back to the basics. If you listen to the same genre of music you get sick of it. Listening to different sorts of music from rap to proper hardcore punk, you hear little things that make you froth out.
Convicts : Talk about some wild tour hijinks?
Los Scallywaggs : After a show we were all pretty pissed and just kept going at this pretty serious hotel. You know those big square hedges that are cut real nice and usually all squishy? We were jumping over seeing who could do the best jump. Lee McConnell did the first one and it was pretty funny, and all of a sudden Toby Kreegan hundred percent commitment leaps over the thing and half his body went over a ledge and his legs flipped up as he headbutted a fucking stump. He comes up going 'me fucking face.' Five minutes later Nat did one gnarlier than that. There were two ledges like that, and he hit one, fell straight onto the ground and hit that stump. That hotel was super uptight as well. There were rich politicians probably staying in there and Toby woke up in his underpants on the lawn at 7:30 in the morning with everyone having the food at the bistro eating breakfast.
Convicts : What’re the best spots around Forster?
Los Scallywaggs : Buoy’s Headland. You’re over all over the blues and the coast and seals. We always drink there and the surf gets going good too so we just chill in the headland watch the action. We've definitely seen a few sunrises come up there, which is pretty dangerous for the heart and soul.
Convicts : Who would you take on a roadtrip?
Los Scallywaggs : The ghost of Jimi Hendrix, Pablo Escobar-he'd be a good asset on the trip. He’d know some people, probably not the right people but hey. Elmo would be pretty sick, Elmo gets twisted. He's off his head all the time. And B2 from Bananas and Pajamas. B2 is a legend and B1 is just sassy. That'd be the best car trip ever.
Convicts : What’s your advice for young bands coming up?
Los Scallywaggs : Stick to it, we're still sticking to it and it’s starting to pay off for us. Just be persistent, do it yourself, don't get too influenced by what you think you gotta do and what people say oh you should do. People’ve told us to do this, and we said ‘Nah we'll do what we want to do.’
Convicts : Joel and Nat, you two grew up on this property. Talk about some of the trouble you got into here.
Los Scallywaggs : We'd get these mad old cars for free, just bush bashers. People just couldn't renew their registration and they’d just drop old vans and Excels on the property and say ‘Enjoy yourself.’ We used to do drifts around the paddock and have races and shit, all at like ten years old. At one stage all five of us brothers had a car each, then we'd all bring our buddies over, and we'd all be in the car with our mates versing guys in others car with their mates in these crash derbies. There were always motorcycles around, we’d do bike jumps into the dams and car jumps and orange guns. Really surprised no one got killed but a bloody good time, I'll tell you that.
Convicts : Legends, all of you. Best of luck with everything, boys.
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